Pipe Lining in Florida

Know the Signs that Your Pipes Need to be Re-Lined

Have you experienced frequent sewage backups? Do your drains, showers, and toilets become repeatedly clogged? These problems can be caused by a couple different factors. Tree roots could be growing into your sewer pipes or cast iron sewer pipes and drains may have cracks due to rust and corrosion causing material to build up and block the sewer line. Calling drain rooter companies to fix these problems will only give you a short-term solution. Recurring problems like these need more than that. Pipe lining or re-lining can give you a permanent solution to these costly troubles.

What pipes need to be re-lined?

  • Damaged sewer lines with water infiltration or ex-filtration
  • Hurricane-damaged down spouts, cracked vertical internal gutters in high rises
  • Corroded cast iron or deteriorated clay pipes
  • Cracked pipes and offset joints from settlement or earthquakes
  • Root intrusion & damage
  • Repairing storm water lines

Pipe lining, also known as Cured-In-Place (CIPP), is the modern alternative to pipe replacement. It is used for clay pipe and cast iron pipe repair, storm drain repair, golf-course overflow drainage pipe, and sanitary sewer pipe repair. Clay pipes cracked only in some areas only need a “sectional repair” which is cheaper than re-lining the whole pipe. However, cast iron pipes in houses and apartments usually require re-lining the entire pipe-not only the portion that is cracked. This is because these pipes are the same age and most likely experienced the same corrosive environmental conditions.

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Mike Douglass Plumbing guarantees that the new lining we install inside the old pipe is as strong as having a new pipe. You don’t even have to worry about decreased efficiency because it only reduces the internal diameter by five percent. Pipe lining services eliminate costly, noisy, and invasive operations since they do not require any excavation or demolition to structures within your home or office. Simply put, pipe lining is a cleaner and faster alternative to old-fashioned re-piping techniques. We’re here to help make your drainage problems go away!

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